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The ENOS Family and Hinson Village, PA

The ENOS family (variant spellings include ENAS/ENUS/ENNIS/ENUS/ENIS/EINES/ENS, etc. many others!) is one of my maternal grandfather’s line of ancestors that I discovered this past summer when researching the SNIVELY family who will be the subject of another post primarily about military research.

In the fall of 2016, I went to Harrisburg, PA in order to visit the Pennsylvania Archives since I have discovered that many of my maternal ancestors who came to Toledo have ancestry from that state.

For instance, both the ROBINSON and JONES families in the previously posted entry regarding the JONES/ROBINSON family have their roots in Pennsylvania. James Edward ROBINSON, whose obituary is listed in this blog was originally from Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. His wife Nancy JONES ROBINSON was born in Ohio but her mother was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania as were her older brother and sister.

The SNIVELY family mentioned above, one of whom married an ENOS female ancestor, I have traced them to Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and believe they may have originally lived in Franklin County, PA which was where a large amount of white SNIVELY’s lived.

The female ancestor who married into the SNIVELY family was named Mary Ellen ENOS. Her surname was spelled in so many different variations over the years that it was ridiculous how much time I spent trying to find out what the heck her name really was!

I first started tracing her after finding the death certificate of her son Grandville SNIVELY Sr.  His death certificate shown below stated that his mother’s maiden name was EINSES.  This was one of the weirdest names I had ever come across.  I thought maybe it was some sort of strange French name due to the reference regarding Montreal, which is in Quebec, the French speaking province of Canada.  However,  I could not find anyone who married Grandville’s father Jeremiah SNIVELY whose last name was EINSES.  The second time I found reference to Mary was in Grandville SNIVELY’s marriage records.  He was married twice, the first time to a woman named Mary CHANDLER.  The marriage record from Michigan also stated that his mother’s maiden name was EINES, which was similar to EINSES but I could not find anything about Mary other than these two entries for her son Grandville SNIVELY who is my 2nd great grandfather.

This past year, I have started a trend of not only performing searches on direct ancestors – like grandparents and great grandparents, but also on their brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.  I knew that Grandville SNIVELY’s father was named Jeremiah SNIVELY, also known as Jerry SNIVELY.  The SNIVELY’s originally were from Pennsylvania, as stated above.  They moved to the Chatham-Kent area of SE Ontario, Canada in the 1850s.

I searched for Canadian births of SNIVELY surnames and saw Grandville along with a younger brother named Nathan SNIVELY.  Both were born in Ontario.  I did some digging into Nathan to see if I could find his marriage and death records, among other sources and found his marriage record to wife Mary TRUSBLOOM.  In that record, it stated that his mother’s maiden name was Mary ENOS.

I did another search for Mary with the surname of ENOS and discovered her listed with her parents – Nathan Bailey ENOS and mother Julia Ann ALLISON ENOS in Chester County, Pennsylvania on the 1850 Census of the US.  She was listed also on the Canadian Census of Ontario in 1861 with her parents in the same area where the SNIVELY family had also moved to in Canada.

I had to do a manual search through the Ontario, Canada marriage records due to them not being able to be queried at the time on the Family Search website.  Knowing that Grandville was the oldest child based on Census records and him being born in 1868 due to a birth record I found, I browsed through each year of marriage records from 1863 through 1870 until I found an entry showing that Jeremiah SNIVELY married Mary ENESS on November 30, 1867.  Her parents were listed as Juliana and Baly ENESS and she was born in approximately 1844 in the United States.

Since finding a connection to the ENOS family via Mary, I have been doing a lot of research into this line on my family tree.  Recently I discovered that the father of Nathan Bailey ENOS was Ceasar ENOS via the Chester County, PA “Poor School Children” records.  Chester County, PA is now one of my favorite places in my genealogical research since they have a wealth of information on their own site, for free that you can peruse and obtain reference material on one’s family.

I have discovered through the Chester County records along with Census records that Ceasar ENOS was a free black person who was originally from the state of Delaware.  He was born in approximately 1780 and lived in Sussex County, DE before moving to Chester County, PA.  Both of these areas are very close to each other geographically.

I also discovered due to that trip to Harrisburg, that Nathan Bailey ENOS lived in a community called Hinson Village or Hinsonville, Pennsylvania, which was a community of free black people where Lincoln University (PA) is currently located.  Lincoln University was this country’s first established Historically Black College/University (HBCU) and was founded in 1854.

Nathan Bailey ENOS was enumerated in this community with his wife Julia and six of his children in 1850.  A review of deeds at the Pennsylvania Archives showed that Nathan Bailey ENOS (called Bailey ENOS/ENICE) purchased land from a man named Jesse HINSON in Chester County, PA in 1843 for $200.  He sold the land in 1847 for $400 to a John BURNS.  I believe that Bailey ENOS and his family moved to the Chatham-Kent area – the Buxton Settlement in Canada around 1851-1854.  Bailey was enumerate on census records and land records in Canada from the 1860s-1870s.  He then came back to the United States in around 1879-1880.  He was enumerated in Monroe, Michigan with his wife and some of his children on the 1880 US Census.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find his death certificate, but I am pretty certain that he died in Michigan.  Most of his children moved to the Ypsilanti area first, then to other parts of Michigan.  Mary ENOS SNIVELY died in Ypsilanti, per the previous post regarding obituaries and death records, in 1880 of tuberculosis.  Her son Grandville SNIVELY later moved to Flint, Michigan where he divorced his first wife Mary CHANDLER.  There he met Reva MORRISON who is my 2nd great grandmother  and his 2nd wife.  They later moved to Toledo in the early 1900s.

In researching the ENOS family, I have been fascinated with Hinson Village/Hinsonville and its history.  Bailey ENOS initially bought his land in Hinsonville from Jesse HINSON whose  father – Emory HINSON Sr., founded Hinson Village in the 1820s when he became the first black owner of land in that part of Pennsylvania.  I have been trying to figure out how these families were connected or if they were related over the course of my research.

Currently I am at a mysterious sort of roadblock that I am slowly climbing up and around in regards to the connection between the HINSON and ENOS families.  I checked out a book from the University of Toledo Carlson Library called “Hinsonville, A Community at the Crossroads – The Story of a 19th Century African American Village.”  In this book there is not much mentioned about the ENOS family except deed information showing where Bailey’s land was and a mentioning of the fact that he bought the land he owned from Jesse HINSON.

The author, on page 20 describes that not much is known about the HINSON family.  Many African Americans believe that this HINSON family is also related to the HENSON family of Maryland, of which the famous explorer – Matthew HENSON who was the first black man to go to the North Pole descended from.   Emory HINSON Sr. of Hinsonville was also from Maryland but not much is known about his life.  However, in connection with my ENOS family I think that the book provided some insight into who the mother of Bailey ENOS could be.  Page 20 says as follows:

Ironically, although the hamlet bears Emory Hinson’s name, his small family did not remain long in the area.  By 1841, Hinson’s wife had died.  In keeping with what appears to have been a pattern among widows and widowers in that rural community, Emory Hinson remarried within three years, taking a woman named Keziah as his second wife in February 1844.  Keziah ad been born in Delaware in 1795, but the county and local records reveal little more about her except that she did not bear any children to Emory, or at least none was ever listed in their household.  To be sure she was already forty-nine years old when they married.  Then after her husband’s death in 1852, she left Hinsonville.

Bailey ENOS purchased his land in Hinsonville and moved to that area around the time that Keziah married Emory HINSON Sr.  I am thinking that Keziah may have been Bailey ENOS’ mother.  On page 21 of this book, it was stated that one of the early presidents of Lincoln University – Horace Mann, wrote that Emory HINSON Sr. sold his lands in order to move to Upper Canada in 1851.  Bailey ENOS and his family also moved to “Upper Canada” which is what SE Ontario was referred to at the time, in the early 1850s.

Bailey ENOS also had a daughter named Keziah, which I thought was a pretty unique name.  So even though there is only my coincidental hunch, I am leading to the conclusion that Keziah married Emory HINSON Sr. after both of them became widowed.  After 1830 there are no records mentioning Ceasar ENOS that I can find so I assumed he may have died between 1840 and 1850 similar to the death of Emory HINSON’s wife and that they married each other and one of Emory’s sons – Jesse HINSON sold land to Bailey due to him being a step-brother.

More digging is needed on this but I am excited to look more into the mystery.

The site I mentioned in another post – freeafricanamericans.com also has an entry about a free ENNIS/ANNIS family of Delaware and Maryland and I believe that Bailey and Ceasar ENOS are connected to the family detailed on that website.  I am hoping that eventually I can find out more information linking the ENOS family and the HINSON families and other free families that lived in Chester County, PA and the Buxton Settlement in Canada.